Hot Girls Cool Guys / Abe Vigoda cassingle




Totally radical art-noise youth-puke in the concise cassingle format. Hot Girls Cool Guys are from Sacramento, and are – contrary to the name – an all dudes squad. But the singer screams nervous breakdown falsettos like a hot girl anyway, while the rest of the under-20 bros shred 90s style feedbacky multi-parts punk. Their cut is an anthem for neo-moshers. And, on the B, Chino workhorses Abe Vigoda offer up a raw, fun-wound rager of claustrophobe rhythm-grind and weirdo/aggro vibes. Painted tape plus insert in a hand-screened canvas tote (with art-visions by Michael Vidal of AV and George W Myers of Grey Skull) bedecked with a sweet duo-bands pin. Young guns, younger guitars. Edition of about 100.