High Wolf – Kairos: Chronos LP




French globe-tourist High Wolf has hand-rolled his way up Mount Fuji, trainspotted through Europe, hitchiked America and Australia, chugged Ganges water, and crouched on all manner of smoke-stained prayer rug since first looping a bongo back in ’09. His apprenticeship in the House Of Wah is nearly complete. He’s hinted at a seismic shift in the High Wolf third eye doctrine lurking in the near future; perhaps an Away Team exfoliation moment is nigh.

Lucky then for listenerships he’s granted us the astral jungle concoctions of Kairos: Chronos, as it encapsulates the depths and dreams of his half-decade Amazon Cosmosis. All the tenets are in place: heat-spells of hand-percussion, snakecharmer fuzz-guitar, sunlit synths, bass thumping through grass amps, etc. From the hidden temple hymn “Kulti” to the 13-minute self-beheading solar eclipse shakedown, “Alvarado,” the record represents rarified proof of The Wolf On High. On tour now in every country on Earth.

Black vinyl LPs in jackets designed by London artist Anthony Gerace.