Heavy Winged / Taiga Remains LP



Planar schizophrenia carved into perfect circles of fool’s glass courtesy of bi-coastal frequent flyers Heavy Winged and sultan of Cincinnati solitude, Taiga Remains. The Winged’s side, “Witches Cradle,” immolates a levitating altar of prehistoric granite into an ashen mass that blocks out the light from a hundred suns. As frenzied and devastating as any piece of hyperkinetic sludge the power trio has released to date. The flip is the same radiant annihilation only spread across 66 million millennia: all tumult stretched into cirrus clouds trembling with gravitational tension. Infinity’s burden burning off in wisps of audio mirage and glacial stasis. Go nowhere fast. Originally released as a micro-edition CDR on the Australian MYMWLY label, this LP reissue was pressed from a fresh edit of the HW material and comes with an entirely unreleased bonus TR track as well. Coke-bottle clear 12 inches in art-cage silkscreened picture disc sleeves bedecked with full-color mystico-textile stickers. Edition of 300.