Heather Leigh – Jailhouse Rock LP


It’s been a minute since Scorces sorceress, Jandek collaborator, and Volcanic Tongue branch manager Heather Leigh ventured out on vinyl under her own name. And it may be a while longer, as Jailhouse Rock is in fact a reissue of a 2006 cassette on Michigan gunk factory Fag Tapes. Sprawling voyages of electric divination powered by pedal steel and voice, Jailhouse feels a touch more aligned with subterranean amplifier witchcraft than the outsider dirt road Americana of Devil If You Can Hear Me but the distinction is slight. Side A swims in swooping sheets of vox and tempestuous wind tunnel dynamics before slowly fading into disembodied harmonica, while the B begins more overtly beautiful, a trinity of crystalline notes picked and stretched until they dissolve into a rapturous sky of textural distortion. Sensual and vertigo-inducing in equal measures.

Black vinyl LPs in jackets with new artwork by Heath Moerland (Sick Llama, Slither, Odd Clouds, etc).