Haunted Castle / Grey Skull 10″




He-Man used to live in Castle Grayskull. That place was fucking haunted (proof? you point a sword at the sky, chant “I have the power”, and turn into a hulk). So is this black-on-black 10″ of wretched hallow’s eve spook-noise. Haunted Castle are a suburban Detroit duo of tortured basement clatter and poltergeist attack thrash, and their cacophony ritual here (“Rainbow of Octopi”) is a cauldron of psychic evil and wraith frenzy. Easthampton’s Grey Skull are a little more physical, starting a skeleton brawl with harsh tones, seizure shriek, and occult war drums. A trio of rad dudes (and sweet artists), GS bury their record in a mean, dead haze. Insanely awesome screen-printed, die-cut skull covers silkscreened by Shawn Reed of Raccoo-oo-oon. Also, first 40 copies come with a bonus 3″ CDR (either Haunted Castle or Grey Skull). Edition of 330ish.