Gypsy Treasures – Buried Goods CS



Being lifelong fans of contextless cassette curveballs, Buried Goods appealed to us instantly. The sole extant document (unreleased till now) of ambiguous mid-2000s Irvine, CA basement raga project Gypsy Treasures, BG sounds like a lost Sublime Frequencies demo as played by a bunch of So-Cal teens obsessed with German Oak. Blown-out faux-modal guitar lines snake and coil under a cavernous reverb chamber while bizarre bunker electronics whirr and oscillate in an opiated haze on a bed of zoned tambo & hand percussion. All four tracks were 4-tracked at home at various times across the mid-2000s (the exception being “Four Horsemen,” which was recorded live back in ’04) with various guest personnel and inner-chemical agendas. Completely awesome and wholly apart from whatever else is/was going on, scene-wise. Pro-dubbed tapes in cases with pitch-shifted regal furniture art/design by video-maker du jour, Megazord. Edition of 100.

Audio-Visual Sample