GHQ – California Night Burning Dreams LP + 3″ CDR



These world wide web weavers work in waves, assembling for key shows and tours, then dissipating into their respective networks of parallel projects (Magik Markers, Moongang, Hototogisu, etc). Their time together, however, burns bright. Last summer the GHQ triumvirate of Nolan/Gunn/Bassett united for a leg of west coast wandering and all who bore witness left converted. Fortunately for those not there, the minidisc was ON at these gatherings and the California portion of the proceedings have been pored over and wreathed into this luminous masterpiece of Golden State mind-reading ragas. The sets showcased (Sacramento, Eureka) shine like electric dew on a dawn Sequoia and sprawl through sitar starscapes, acoustic fingerpicking, cosmic harmonica, and forest floor hand-drums. A raw document of real time dream machine vision-questing. Slate sky-blue vinyl LPs in full-color jackets (with California-collage art by Manda) adorned with a GHQ ‘winged skull’ logo sticker, plus a bonus 3” CDR of their Seattle performance. Limited to 500.