Ghosting / Robedoor 7″



Here it is: crouched cloud-summoning from two of the west coast’s most coma-coaxing cloak teams. Both have been questing/crawling after the holy drug-drone grail for years now, but this vinyl union is an even deeper step into their respective fog/smog voids. Ghosting’s A-side, “Rivermouth,” might the most awesomely charged piece of weather-stricken wire-séance the Portland duo’s ever recorded. Roiling banks of suspended densities and white-hot metals are shot through with flickering loops of lightning and light beams. The B-side (“Roving Shaman”) is more of a white-eyed trance, with Robedoor throwing bones under a thatched roof, eyes sewn shut. Smoke-tones spin and wobble while sixth sense frequencies chime in the distance. A no-mind ritual of atmospheric fear. White vinyl 7 inches with hand-stamped labels in 2-color silkscreened fold-over cardstock sleeves. Limited to 325.