Foot Village – World Fantasy 10″




In the tradition of literary great Bang The Drum Slowly and Bowie’s not-so-great “Little Drummer Boy” comes Foot Village – a bleeding, screaming, pounding, catastrophic drum circle that makes hippies wish they had never invited Brian, Grace, Jeff, and Greg to jam bongos at Zuma Beach. There’s been talk of covering Les Miserables and reenacting McDonald’s commercials but for now Foot Village is happy to document their travels via World Fantasy. It’s a deep love for harsh noise, R. Kelly, Broadway musicals, and Rush that breathes life into the band that launched a million side projects. The Drum Machines Have No Soul guy is about to wet his pants. Silkscreened cardboard boxes filled with branches, twigs, leaves, and nature, plus a white vinyl 10″ in a plastic bag, plus an insert. Artwork by Greg Witscher. (Some mail-order copies are 2-D, with the box broken down). Edition of 300.