Filthy Huns – Forever Beast CS


Westward expansionist Nick Koenigs has been laying rusted highway scorpion riffs over ragged diesel chug since transplanting from Minneapolis to Echo Park in 2011 but Forever Beast is his first foray into Filthy Huns collaboration, enlisting Aaron Steinberg on burner synths and wind tunnel smoke. The extra presence revs the songs into deeper terrain, through shadowed canyons of shredded leather and bleached bones. Modes swerve between badlands raga (“Magick Tea”) and psychedelic ritual (“Class War”), cloaked in dub menace and pentagram fumes. This is the Huns at their headiest and heaviest, ripping ghost rider guitar and vortex keys from busted amps tied with chrome chains. The Beast rises. Mastered by Collin Gorman Weiland. Design by Britt Brown.