Family Underground – Riven LP



Denmark’s deepest dope-dreamers dig up another pair of prism-splitting slabs of decaying radioactivity. Riven is the FU crew at their most crouched and concentrated, couched in fever, fog, futurism, and fucked densities, channels of brain-wave fusion overloading with zero hour tectonics. More metallic than Axial and far hungrier than Future Bread, Riven resonates like a dead bell in a buried valley, ringing, subterranean, wasted, industrial. Hologram hands sweat black light in the center of the earth. Black LPs (mastered by Pete Swanson of Yellow Swans) in fractal cave art jackets by Svend Balslev plus a band-designed insert. First 75 direct mail orderers also receive a limited Family Underground pin. Limited to 450.