Ettrick – Feeders Of Ravens LP



Prepare for sudden death. San Francisco brutalizers Ettrick finally
deliver the full-length destruction they’ve been threatening for so long. Feeders Of Ravens is definitely the most potent collection of harsh jazz violence the duo’s ever laid to tape, showcasing all their classic kill-moves: slaughtering saxophone dialogues, jittery percussive fits, raging horn/drum self-annihilation, etc. What escalates their improv attacks above just blind frenzy is the warped telepathy Jacob Heule and Jay Korber exhibit in their playing, intuiting one another’s upswings and downturns. And nowhere is this psychic connection more apparent (and demonic) than on “Raven Harvest,” the LP’s final onslaught. Searing sax blasts burn through the ear drum, giving way to splatterpaint percussion flailings and scraping metal, which then slowly takes shape, coagulating into a dense, aggressive avalanche of pummeling, white-hot drum rapture. Life into death into life. Black LPs in pro-printed jackets with sinuous, Inuit-style cover art, and memento mori raven back art. Limited to 350.