Eternal Tapestry – Vibrations New Dawn CS



Nothing ever ends. Eternal Tapestry’s fibers fray like worms up from the Oregon dirt, morph into cords coiled on the damp practice room floor, crawl the walls, and stitch themselves into the sky. Comprised of the brothers Bindeman (Nick of Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jed of Heavy Winged) and bassist Om Sandoval (??), ET spike into a particularly pure vein of drugged, soul haze hidden in the forearm of today’s psyched/fucked underground. Vibrations New Dawn unfurls from fractured, feedback crystal-divining into slow-burn gravitational mass into astral kraut-rock motion/destruction. This is the new age of the newest new age. Space-black tapes in cases with hand-numbered, patterned textile J-cards adorned with hand-cut diamond-ranges of antique ethnic-patterned fabric. Limited to 100.