Eternal Tapestry – The Invisible Landscape LP



Last year’s Mystic Induction LP captured PDX wah junkies Eternal Tapestry at their hairiest hour, awash in color trails and nightshade flashbacks. Since then they’ve reverted back to their original power trio line-up, circled the tube amps, and conceived a fresh set of electric rippers. The Invisible Landscape is the fruit of this from-bliss-to-blistering evolution/revolution – six kraut-punk psych-shredders, huffing fumes from the twin guitar hero dogfights of Dewey Mahood and Nick Bindeman while drummer Jed Bindeman nosedives into the eye of the storm. There’s a rawness to the production that helps the songs bleed into the ear with more electricity, and the riff/vocals interplay is streamlined for optimum mainlining. A fiery high point for a fiery high band. Hit it or quit it. Randomly colored LPs (hues range from silt grey to swamp green and beyond) in pro-printed jackets with art by the band plus a photocopied insert.

Audio-Visual Sample