Edibles – Super Space / Mind Peace CS



A natty sidestep into phased sunshine and reggae abstractions from PDX posi preacher Dewey Mahood (Eternal Tapestry, Plankton Wat, Bloodbiker, etc) has us in good spirits this budding spring and that’s always worth sharing so zone in not out. Super Space/Mind Peace is Mahood’s debut release under the Edibles banner and it captures seven of his most colorful and casual cruises into high-flying space junkadelica. Chilled guitar echoes, dub percussion details, vapor trail melodies, and basement bongos bop along like the slowest, brokest car along an island dirt road at dusk. All instrumentals except for the wordless fog chant on “Inna Groove.” More from this champ is on the way courtesy of fellow west coasters Stunned and DNT. Peace out properly the first time around. Pro-dubbed tapes in full-color J-cards designed by Amanda/NNF. Edition of 100.

Audio-Visual Sample 1