Dylan Ettinger & The Heat – Smokin’ 7″



The past few cassette outings by Bloomington young-bloomer Dylan Ettinger intrigued but nothing had prepared us for the sudden & striking shift into psychedelic skyline chase scene sleaze. For Smokin’ he wrangled a wrecking crew (enter “The Heat”) to track a pair of sessions utilizing smeared synth, reverbed drum machines, heavy echo, and Miami sax. The A cut, “Smokin,’” floats into the mix drugged and delirious, a loner just fired from the force, cruising the strip at midnight in a stolen Corvette. On the flip “Miami Heat (The Stakeout)” skews more twilit and paranoid, a long grainy zoom across art-deco condos on the coast lined with swimming pools and squad cars: the heat is on. Black vinyl 7 inches in full-color sleeves, plus a photocopied insert. Edition of 310.

Audio-Visual Sample