Delicate Features – Sky Of Earth CS



Suburban St. Petersburg unit Delicate Features make sorrowful, mysterious music stitched from a strange symbiosis of trip-hop, new age, medieval lament, and Russian poetics. Sky of Earth expands on the endless steppe meditations of 2014’s The Passenger, sweeping wider and sinking deeper. The album’s 11 excursions into ambient reverie, Eastern bloc Enigma, funereal folk, and devotional electronics share a mood of solitude and contemplation, landscapes disappearing in dusk, plagued by memory. Founding members Radmila Nikogosian and Pavel Astvatsturian variously cite Latvian folk songs, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, funereal black metal, Muslimgauze, metaphysics, and spectral Sade amongst their source material, threading together a vision both bleak and beatific: “We were looking for the state of harmony, and something eternal; we hope the listener will be able to find those feelings.” Cover artwork by Igor Astvatsaturian. Layout by Britt Brown. Mastered by Alex Nagle.