Deep Magic – Solar Meditations CS



Deep Magic means many things to many people (two seconds of internet research revealed one of those things to be a Chronicles Of Narnia “fanlisting collective”), but to us and many So-Cal dwellers it means the solo orb of Dreamcolour drummer/figurehead Alex Gray. Since fragmenting out into his own DM sphere with two self-released tapes, Gray’s grasp of spatial composition and celestial cloaking devices has matured and expanded into a totally unique stargazing expedition worth its weight in ether. Solar Meditations is what it sounds like: 90 minutes of deep-sky holistic crystal healing. Melodic clouds of keyboards, chiming guitar, tubular bells, field recordings, moonlit piano, and amplifier gauze all shimmering down across stop-motion images of suns rising and vanishing into the Pacific. This is music for observatories, most definitely. Endless and nameless. Pro-dubbed tapes in double-sided full-color fold-out J-cards designed by Amanda. Edition of 100.