Daughters Of The Sun – Ghosts With Chains LP



Long-running Twin Cities horsepower trio Daughters Of The Sun have been chugging their faded-tattoo spirit-in-the-sky psych exhaust for at least half a decade now but we didn’t catch the drift till March ’10, when we got to witness a packed post-midnight smoke-soaked Minneapolis loft set, and waved our lighter with the masses. Ghost With Chains is their third-official full-length (not including some EPs and a split 12″) and it’s as beautifully moon-burnt and highway-swept as anything they’ve done. Recorded in August of ’09 at Nicollet Park, the LP’s seven songs swerve from spectral Sturgis road-burners (“Hexagram,” “Bell Of The Barrier”) to lower-keyed percussion meditationals (“Busted Realm,” “Ghost With Chains”), spiced with the occasional earth-toned ghost-drone piece or floating flower acoustic mantra-ballad. D.O.T.S. also run a tape label, Never Ender, and each helms their own solo project (Camden, Filthy Huns, Wavepool), so roots run deep. Unbreak the Chain. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with artwork by Oakley Tapola, plus a full-color pro-printed insert.

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