Cruise Family – We’re in Heaven 12″


The early self-released tapes of Vienna, Austria’s Cruise Family bubble over with bleached trance textures, like a rave re-imagining of Monopoly Child Star Searchers’ photocopied cassette mysticisms, but We’re In Heaven extrapolates this DNA into lusher celestial starscapes. The side-long opener coasts on a pulse of galactic synthesizer bliss, somewhere between Software’s Electronic Universe and a slowed-down Model 500 instrumental, while the B’s two tracks span warehouse technoid paranoia (“Be Part Of It”) and spectral sunrise fractals (“Gone By Dawn”). The fidelity and craft of these cuts are distinct from anything else in the Cruise Family tree, and the best embodiment of his unique matrix of influences.

Black vinyl 12 inches in jackets with laser humanoid artwork by Stefan Kushima.

Audio-Visual Sample