Bruce Hart – Music For Drawing CS



A solo project of Zach Phillips of unclassifiable Brattleboro, VT new-wave art-freak crew Blanche Blanche Blanche, Bruce Hart is a hard-edged lab rat renegade who’s engaged in an ongoing socio-psychological mind-war with nefarious invisible chemical-industro corporations. How exactly that relates to the music at hand is fairly subtle, and hinges on the listener’s predilection for dystopian conspiracy theories, but the 13 warped cyber-synth themes here offer a bizarrely unique vision of hacker-vibed retrofuturist synthesizer crud and hijacked drum machinery. Some singles (“Am I Wearing Glasses,” “Lab View”) chug along with a real chrome-lensed digital-punk energy and some (“Planet Scene,” “Hart Sutra”) bubble up peacefully into the cosmos, so there’s a major range at work that helps somewhat explain the willfully obscure origins of dynamic man-of-mystery Bruce Hart. A tough tape to describe but it totally flows and has a solidly twisted style. Plug in. Pro-dubbed tapes in mainframe outlaw J-cards designed by BB. Edition of 150.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2