Blank Realm – Heatless Ark LP



We’ve touted this Brisbane clan on many occasions before but apparently the third time’s the charm because not only is Heatless Ark Blank Realm’s vinyl debut, it’s also the weirdest, deepest, punkest, and freakiest album the band’s ever made. The BR dynamic allows for fluid instrumentation flux and this transience translates on record to a range of modes: open electric ecstasies (“Fabulous Terror Index”), dissonant outsider-wave art-punk (“Saint Tegram,” “Heatless Ark”), loner Jandek-isms (“Blues Helix,” “Blues Helix 2”), slow-diving dreamgaze (“Till I Clear My Own Name”), and beyond. Varied, wild, and ambitious, this LP establishes Blank Realm as significant propagators of the rich Australian underground. Black vinyl LPs in metallic ink smoke-ritual jackets screenprinted by Ryo Kuramato. Bonus: album is available separately OR with companion C33, Dirty Ark (culled from same sessions as LP).