Belly Boat – Dear Robert Hanoy CD



All aboard, gang. After 23 months of back-and-forth waiting/wondering, Zoe and Silvie have finally docked the debut Belly Boat album in NNF harbor, and we are beyond happy about it. Dear Robert Hanoy is a scratchy, expansive charmer, 14 sung songs of outsider ragtime, rambling European café waltz, and charismatic lyrical sleepwalking. Influenced equally by Cocorosie, Celine Dion, and Chamillionaire (circa “Ridin’ Dirty”), BB weave piano, accordion, and dueling voices into a freaky, frayed woolen mitten of strange emotions. Put it on, feel weird, throw a snowball. This is a storybook soundtrack for barefoot exploration and natural wonder, culled from years of face-painting, taking pictures of horses, and making best friends laugh. CDs come with full-color 8-panel booklets of artwork by Belly Boat, in sleeves sewn with grunge flannel, strung with grey yarn/clear beads, and flecked with gold dust. Limited to 500.

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