Antique Brothers – Season’s Feast CS



You don’t need a cassette description to school you on the knowledge that blood is thicker than water, but if that’s what it takes to make the lesson stick, so be it. Or, if you want a shortcut, just peruse the discography of Connecticut-bred brothers Cy and Ged Gengras. They’ve been harvesting jams together under the Antique Bros banner for almost four years now, and in that span have trawled through a thousand different hybrid strains (creep-folk, math-psych, chaos improv, etc). But the inter-family familiarity hasn’t bred contempt; on the contrary it’s spawned a secret psychic/musical language the rest of us ain’t privy to. And, despite a hefty local bias, we can still say with confidence that Season’s Feast is our fave Antique B full-length to date. The ragers are dense and bearded, the acoustic passages evocative and hazy, the ambient lulls sticky as fresh resin. There’s a flow and a focus here that’s rare within the AB discog, and it makes for more meat on the bones, more flames in the fire. If yr already a fan, you’re in luck; and if you’re new to the Gengras canon, THIS is the place to start. Pro-dubbed tapes with hand-typed/stamped labels in bags with full-color art by Amanda. Edition of 100.

Audio-Visual Sample