Absinthe Minds – The Song Of Returning Light CS



Wisconsin’s Absinthe Minds are a great cryptic trio that excel at dredging a uniquely hybridized sonic slime from their ragged amps that could validly be termed “industrial raga.” Their approach marries the mechanistic with the mystical, to awesome effect. Negative machines grind beside bubbling cauldrons of steam-psych synths, crystal prism vocals reverberate in cold concrete chambers, naked primitives with closed eyes chant and dance on broken generators in an empty parking garage. Contrast is king and The Song Of Returning Light soundtracks the coronation. Ab Minds’ past tapes found them sprawling with more of an overtly bleak agenda, but here Dead Luke & Co (plus guest vox from Zola Jesus on one track) balance the darkness with the light (albeit dead grey light) for a sick 6-song C56 of interzone angst and grim zen moods. Like metal dragged across a prayer mat. Namaste, wasteland. Pro-dubbed tapes with hand-painted labels in cases with full-color J-cards designed by Amanda. Edition of 100.