Abe Vigoda – Sky Route/Star Roof LP

NNF021 / PPM007



Chino, CA is in many ways a thriving place. There’s vegan Chinese diners, plenty of adult video stores, and an active post-teen no-wave scene. Sort of. Mainly there’s just Reggie, Mike, David, and Juan arguing about which colors suck (all of them) on a suburban porch. And thank god for that, cause these 909 loyalists are ubiquitous dudes, road-tripping to any two-bit post-punk community center that will let them plug in and play their claustrophobic angle jams. Repetitive beaten guitars, Animal (from Muppet Babies) drumming, and burrowing, burying bass lines – like boating shoes and cut-off jean shorts, these are signature Abe Vigoda moves. Marbled grey vinyl in hazardous metallic ink silk-screened gatefold jackets, with total stairways-to-heaven art by James Bradley. Record even comes with a CDR version of the album for all you demanding modernists. Edition of 311. Co-released with Post Present Medium.