A++ / Soft Shoulder CS



The holidays are supposed to be AWESOME. You wear crazy scarves, hang out with weird cousins, and secretly spike the eggnog (with soy-nog!). Another good thing to do is play shows with your friends and go crazy. Hence, this applause-heavy C30. A++ are the trumpet/drums pop-scream duo starring Grace from Foot Village/Gang Wizard and their side documents an Il Corral show from 2006 summertime. They pass out trivia questions, yell about animals and sneak attacks, and even cover some 80’s song. The sonic equivalent of rainbow confetti exploding in yr face. Tempe, Arizona’s hardest working posi-wave trio Soft Shoulder shred sax, riffs, and drums across the B side, which is culled from a trilogy of early December shows in Phoenix and Flagstaff. They jump-cut from angular feedback action to beatless skronk drift, keeping you (and the crowd) guessing. Good luck! Printed-label tapes in stapled, spray-painted cardstock fold-over cases with googly-eyed multi-arm music-monsters. Hand-numbered, and limited to 100.