Sand Circles – Midnight Crimes CS



A new name in our Scandinavian jam rolodex is Martin Herterich, a youngish Swede with a closet full of vintage synth rigs and drum boxes and old echo units who tracks woozy instrumental mood-grooves under the Sand Circles moniker and helps book shows in his local art hoods. Midnight Crimes is his debut EP and showcases the prism of styles he can navigate, from minor key shadow-trance soundtracking to more propulsive fog-rhythm cruiser themes to weirdo hook-heavy synth-bounce anthems (drink in “Infinity Pool” for proof). A focused language of cool sonic hieroglyphs get raked and shaped in the Sand Circles zen rock garden, quite pumped to survey what comes next. Pro-dubbed tapes with photocopied and dual-layer silkscreened J-cards, plus a hand-numbered insert. Edition of 100.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2