Umberto – Freeze! 7″


After 2 full-lengths mining horror scores and Italo/Goblin-isms, Kansas City riddler Umberto slow-pans his focus out of the graveyards and into the airbrushed streets of Beverly Hills police beats and pop culture ghost-busting. Freeze! is an inscrutable but impressive evocation of Jan Hammer 80’s soundtrack cheese: soaring keyboard lines, fast-tappin’ piano, MIDI bass grooves, canned drums, baroque soloing, etc. “Put An APB On Those Bastards” kicks things off with a Corvette cruise into the heat of the night, while “Illegal Entry With Intent To Zuul” scores a rooftop chase ending with a thief falling fourty stories into a posh private pool. A bizarre celluloid curveball from one of our favorite deadpan designers. Black vinyl 45s in pro-printed jackets with hijacked Eddie Murphy artwork by Derek Goon.

Audio-Visual Sample