мхи и лишайники – Нассать на мир CS


Нассать на мир [“Piss On The World“] is a Russian doll of dystopian sci-fi industrial-synth mythologies. The premise is: on the last day of 1987 an unidentified numerology-obsessed Russian/Polish time-traveller recorded five songs of cathode-blasted Cold War cold wave out of misanthropic desperation at having become locked in a time loop, reliving the same day, unable to die. Modeling his music on vanguard esoteric Polish art group Oneiron, he released the album via underground Polish imprint PSI, then disappeared, his fate unknown.
The music’s actual creator, мхи и лишайники [Mosses & Lichens], tracked the album in two days on New Year’s Eve 2018, using old synthesizers, drum machines, and a 4-track at the house of Oneiron’s founder Andrzej Urbanowicz, who passed away in 2011. The songs sound appropriately trapped in time, tape-hazed and grey-scale, minimal-wave relics scavenged from some rusted basement dimensional gateway. Occasionally a stray voice cut through the purgatory smog (“your move, creep”) but the bulk of it seethes in psychic malaise, Eastern bloc electronics blasted from and for the void.

Pro-dubbed black tape with red imprinting in double-sided photocopied J-card + a fold-out insert.

NOT NOT FUN · мхи и лишайники "Cмерть Смерть Смерть"