V/A – My Estrogeneration LP



First ever NNF vinyl compilation (more in the future hopefully) finds the spotlight landing fairly on the fairer sex, and the glare is glorious. 11 diverse femme musical energies corralled across 12 inches of black vinyl, all exclusive contributions, and the breadth of zones and interzones traversed is a beautiful thing to hear. Carry on my wayward non-sons. LPs in jackets with artwork by Pocahaunted bassist/freethinker Diva Dompe, plus a full-color double-sided insert. Edition of 500. This year’s Estrogeneration includes:

-Zola Jesus
-Tickley Feather
-Pocahaunted (vintage unused track from Gold Miner’s Daughters sessions)
-Inca Ore
-Topaz Rags
-Talk Normal
-Islaja (featuring Samara Lubelski and Blevin Blectum)
-LA Vampires
-U.S. Girls

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2