Super Jam presents Upper Layer Cruisers – Rush Consequence CS


Sweden’s subterranean synth/psych scene secretes some of our favorite faded electronicists (Sand Circles, Skeppet, Body Awareness, etc.) and one we’ve been following for years now is Martin Nilsson’s shapeshifting Super Jam operation. His homemade EPs (most via his own bitingly titled Oh No, More Tapes! label – which, ironically, only releases CDRs) established the template: drugged keyboards and cyber-jacked FX spiraling over pulsing low-end loops and rudimentary drum machinery, all pushed recklessly into the red. After a year or two’s wait, the latest riddle in the SJ rubik’s cube, Rush Consequence, dropped into our digital lap, and it’s even wilder than we were hoping/expecting. Presented via his cryptic production alias, Upper Layer Cruisers, RC realigns his fixation with fractured fidelities with a fresh pharmacopia of terraformed sound-forms: opiated labyrinth ragas, destabilized midi grooves, bold proggy flute-setting vamp-outs, brief blasts of electric shrapnel, and beyond. All in all one of the more assured and alien entries in the bunker-brained ‘trashed soundtracking’ aesthetic arms race of which we are proud patrons. Pro-dubbed smoke-colored tapes in double-sided full-color artwork by early ’80s computer-scape renderer David Ems. Edition of 99.