Spring Strays

March 24, 2015

An array of new tapes and records are filtering through the jaws of production currently but with Record Store Day on the horizon there’s a lot of essential quadruple Aerosmith represses and things of that nature slowing the gears so will be a few more weeks at least.

UNTIL THEN: pulled together some stray OOP items and distro gems, check the SHOP if u need some sounds for spring. Among the additions:

naked island
NAKED ISLAND LP – mesmerizing collab between Ensemble Economique and Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, with insane lenticular cover artwork

that magik
C.L.A.W.S. 12″ – slaying splatter-colored vinyl by Bronze’s Brian Hock with some remixes including one by Bobby Browser

tsarlag finger
TSARLAG “GAGGED IN BOONESVILLE” LP – rare stash of 10 sealed mint copies of the Man In Gak’s 2013 opus

LX SWEAT digipak CD edition – superlimited compact disc edition of screwed club fantasia with extra Spencer Longo layouts and a non-LP bonus track

STRATEGY “PRESSURE WASSURE” – one of Paul Dickow’s best and most baffling vinyl offerings, with crazy red fuzzy raised artwork in the classic high maintenance Peak Oil mode

jonas copy
J REINHARDT “MASK” LP – small restock of this galactic disco and terrarium music longplayer after being OOP for about a year

temples ex
TEMPLES 12″ on Ecstasy – Avalon Kalin’s “ambient jack” debut, new/unplayed copies, pagoda aerobics music via chimes and hardware

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January 24, 2015

Continental rover Antoni Maiovvi‘s latest slab of desert planet horizon electronics, Avrokosm, finally returned from the pressing plant and is available in the NNF Storefront. He’s been developing his hybrid breed of sci-fi giallo disco for nearly 7 years now, and you can hear it in his planetary designs. Investigate his rich trail of vinyl if you’re feeling sleuth-y.

Also got in the limited magnetic tape edition of Profligate’s Finding The Floor, on midnight blue cassettes, complete with two non-LP bonus tracks. Already down to the last 15 copies or so.
Look for him in Europe and the UK this fall on his first ever overseas tour.

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Maniacs Will Win

December 8, 2014

the NNF marketplace recently received 4 new precious pods of physical media, all of which merit sharing and absorption:

Noah Anthony’s second official full-length statement, Finding The Floor, capitalizes on all the black magic and mayhem of his earlier vinyl missives, pushing further into strobing slaughterhouse techno and maniacal basement moods. Thick and threatening from start to finish.

swanoxduo1- by Buster Ferris
San Fran secret stalker Swanox has skulked various peripheries for years, pursuing his panhandler’s exotica and dazed squatter meditations in inconsistent waves. But the long-rumored Duskrunner finally blends his hermetic hitchhiker modes into an appropriately out of time long-player. A soul swallowed by the city, singing for pennies and peeling paint, Casio dust for all the muggers by the bus stop.

Australia/Berlin concrete-wave trio Ill Winds push post-punk into post-life, a bleak seer’s purgatory of guitar, bass, synth, and metronomes, airless and otherworldly. Heavier on vision than heaviness.

The first NNF compilation in over 100 releases, She Knows More Than She Thinks is a collection of six solo female DIY electronic from Russia and Ukraine, curated by St. Petersburg musician and raw culture enthusiast Galya Chikiss, spanning feverish electro, cultic chanting, moon safari chansons, and ghosted soviet pop. Unpredictable, uncut, and unconnected to the hivemind.

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The Cuticular Range

November 12, 2014

lavender b
Midwest America’s most alien asteroid atomizer, Cuticle, returns with a sophomore full-length, his first in 3 years: Mind Holding Pattern. Rich with fluctuating acid, air duct whispers and buffering grids. In textured melting-face silkscreened hand-assembled sleeves designed by Daniel Luedtke.

joe in shorts
Wayfaring axeman Joe Knight revives his roving instrumental Americana operation Rangers for a fresh LP of shapeshifting transmissions, Reconsider Lounge. Partly culled from last year’s OOP cassette on Bezoar Formations, Scraps, the vinyl edition transmutes older tape tracks within a framework of new cuts for a rusted satellite dish’s worth of fantastical rock. Artwork by glyph-reader Suzanne Pfutzenreuter. Limited stock.


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Filthy Curse

October 13, 2014

LA motorcycle viking Filthy Huns’ second collection of road songs is his best yet, open spaces stained with grease and deathless chug. Complements his work on the latest Daughters of the Sun LP nicely, stripped to the skeleton, rattlesnake jewelry hanging from the handlebars. Killer art/design by Eric Carlson and Chris Hontos.

Rites Wild
Stacey Wilson’s parallel identity, Regional Curse, captures her furthest forays into ceremonial detachment and textural dread, a stylized sink into hollows of misperception. Elegant and unknown.

circle duo
LA heathen duo’s 2013 LP gets a limited tape edition for their forthcoming European tour. Dates to be posted asap.

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The Profligate Truth

October 4, 2014

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Legendary Features Of The Sun

August 18, 2014


Melbourne hidden energy duo Legendary Hearts have been a longtime label love who we’ve repeatedly hounded to pool together more of their fluorescent fluid liquidity. Their latest, Aerial View, coagulated into shape across nearly a year, then was lovingly mastered by Lawrence English. Listen layeredly:

St. Petersburg doomed beauty duo Delicate Features’ debut, The Passenger, sinks through ten strains of stained glass electronic sorrow with a haunting touch. Late and alone it grows richer and unreal:

Minneapolis/LA roadburn trio Daughters Of The Sun refuel the butane on their first new album since 2010. Ride To Die revs a fresh cycle of moonburnt highway music, from power burials to cosmic revolt. Rare west coast tour begins first week of September. Live to ride:

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Eleventeen Time

June 29, 2014

First heard John William Tanner’s aerosexual soft rock shapes way back in 2012 but sorting them into proper squadron formation took a spell – honored to finally hang-glide his debut, Delta Horizon, into international tape decks. For a window into Perth coastal action scope the footage/video of him riffing ’round scenic local seasides, sea lion perches, and the prow of rowboats. Copies available NOW, in the NNF Shop.

flatfix art
Another tranced Australian cruise unit, Flat Fix, with another man-made slab of horizon-line electricities: An Unkempt House. Housed in a double-sided silkscreened vellum J-cards courtesy of famed Tokyo misanthrope R. Kuramoto. Have been soaking in the charged currents of these sides for months, stick a fork in the socket below to see if its yr speed:

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Doll Feeders

June 9, 2014

‘Couple’ bands can skew a bit sickly sweet and domestic sometimes but thankfully Iowa City crawlspace texturalists Doll Food take the opposite tactic, using their union as a vehicle to explore a more freaked and decayed inner soundworld. Their debut, Marrow Deep, evokes the witchy attic weirdness of prime Inca Ore and early U.S. Girls which, coming from us, is no light compliment. Chew on the two samples below to gauge if yr palette can stomach the Marrow.

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The New Coast

May 30, 2014

Records taking small lifetimes to finalize isn’t new but this debut LP by Skeppet has been skulking in TBA territory since definitely 2010, if anyone remembers back then. Xtra thanx to everyone who’s been feeling it thus far and saying so. The A Side, “Den Nya Kusten,” holds a special infinity jam slot in our heart – felt compelled to share the unabridged cosmsosis of it:

There’s also a pastoral video excerpt of the track here:

The band’s label Kosmisk Vag is a treasure horde of Swedish psych cassette indescribables, track down some if overseas shipping doesn’t intimidate you.

Tons of new distro gems about to go up, more soon!

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Maria’s Galaxy

May 6, 2014

NNF’s favorite comedienne/diva/artstar Maria Minerva returns with her greatest album to date, Histrionic, encapsulating universes of life wisdom, deadpan truth, and heartbreak abstractions. Rumor has it she may migrate west soonishly so we’ll hold out hope. 4 SALE in the NNF Shop NOW.

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States Of Being

April 22, 2014

Premiere LA party architects States Of Being are hosting some sick west coast heads this friday at a fresh downtown location – RSVP to attend! Starring Mood Hut heroes Pender Street Steppers, plus Benedek and Austin Cesear. TGIF 4 REAL.

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Record Slaughter Day

April 17, 2014

The day is upon us: this SATURDAY APRIL 19th is Planet Earth’s one 24-hour block dedicated to the appreciation of physical music. Make the most of it! We’re reprising our 1 year tradition of offering the delusional deal of BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on all vinyl titles currently available in the NNF Shop (including distributed stuff). As with last year, the details are:
-order must be placed between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM on Saturday April 19th
-free item(s) must be of equal or lesser value to purchased item(s)
-just mention in your Paypal “notes” section which bonus title(s) you’d like
-orderers must pay postage for entire order
-NO LIMIT (so if you buy 7 you get 7 free, etc)

And if you have the day free please frequent a physical record store in yr locality and show some appreciation. It’s the music-lovers equivalent of election day: one day to get off the web and ROCK THE VOTE.

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Nights Of Romance

April 2, 2014

LX Sweat and Cuticle are rolling through an array of Deutschland vicinities together (see above); locals hungering for alien electronics and screwed moods would be wise to attend.

ALSO: LX’s avant-confusion videographer Phung-Tien Phan has crafted another logic-negating visual accompaniment to his “Living In The City (No Way Back)” cut from City Of Sweat. Eyeball it and go blind:

LX Sweat – “Living In The City (No Way Back)” from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

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Temple Of Umberto

March 26, 2014

L.A. transplant Umberto is currently crisscrossing Old Europa, and will be for the next 6 weeks. Area residents are advised to attend a performance as long one suffers no fog machine allergies. Dates and details are listed HERE. To celebrate the trek we’re offering up a new 12″ EP of revamped visitations on his 2010 nightstalker classic, “Temple Room.” Available now in the record SHOP.

Also on hand are a choice selection of new SILK statements from core brotherhood Magic Touch and Octo Octa: Palermo House Gang and Cause I Love You, respectively. Both will be jamming up and down the west coast this week, hitting SF, LA, San Diego, and Tijuana. Scope the cities and specifications HERE. Rock a track if you need to test the water:

ALSO in the distro zone: scored the final 10 copies of Magic Eye’s debut, Shreddin’ On Heaven’s Floor, from defunct Brooklyn retailer Animal Image Search. Cleaner tonalities than on their Babylon cassette but includes some overlapping songs.

ON A FINAL NOTE: as a thank you to the loyalists out there, from now on ALL direct-from-label purchasers are eligible for a free DL code emailed to them, should they so desire. Merely mention as much in one’s Paypal notes, or drop a line to: notnotfunrecords@gmail.com with yr order details!

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Bronze Hawks

March 4, 2014

San Fran’s weirdest alloy fusionists Bronze grace NNF with their latest slab of serpentine psychedelia, World Arena. Tours both overseas and domestic are currently being schemed, please drop a line if you have the means/interest in facilitating a show! Lick some metal below:

From the opposite coast comes Luke Wyatt, prolific video manipulator and guitar wrangler. Through Force Of Will may be one of this most uplifted rep sets yet, blazed but buff, never say die. Available digitally or on limited cassette. Sample the closing jam if yr on the fence:

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10 Years Young

February 18, 2014


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A Decade Of Double Negatives

February 10, 2014

Who knew a decade could dissolve so fast? Thanks to all who have stumbled through our gift shop at one time or another. We’ll dust the shelves. Keep keeping the faith.
L.A.’s resident malcontent Afterhours slinks into the low lights with a captivating collection of night moves, trip-hop, faded house, sax romance, and melancholic glitch. Sensual and isolated.

White Poppy’s passport is renewed and ready to go for her first overseas tour/trek this March. To christen the bon voyage we’ve reissued her first NNF tape, I Had A Dream, as well as her debut full-length on cassette.

Also new to the NNF marketplace is the latest collection of methadroned pop by Edinburgh trio Magic Eye, Babylon. Embryonic shoegaze soaked in chloroform.

Please peruse and partake: NNF STORE

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Enter Blackhoods

December 15, 2013

Out this week: stateside tape debut by Blackhoods, Sunk, metronomic guitar slash, battered amp hum, dub-sludge, nodding off in an electric storm. Will also have some copies of the new Tsarlag opus, Living In The Past, on his own/new Wasp Video Roadhouse imprint. Decayed and divined. Keep an eye out for the compilation he put out as well, Crawling In Blue Traffic, with trax by Pod Blotz, Secret Boyfriend, Tsarlag, Mark Van Fleet, and more. As a final cassette uncovering we’ll be listing a tiny stack of Robedoor City Of Scum tapes salvaged from the October European tour.

All Blackest Friday sale orders should have arrived or be arriving any day, thanks to all for the economic votes of power and brave taste. 2014 is burning to the periphery already, bring it on.

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Dependent Label Marketplace

December 3, 2013

December 2013 Flyer
Community leaders IAMSOUND have organized the 3rd bi-annual Independent Label Market this Sunday in Los Angeles. An array of vinyl retailers will be on hand cutting ridiculous deals, sweet-talking passerby, explaining their used bins full of illegible Belgian noise tapes (maybe that’s just us), and drinking alcohol. The event is free; there will be food trucks, DJs, and all the trappings of communal urban life in the 21st century.

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The Blackest Friday

November 28, 2013

Celebrate the holiday by giving thanks AND infusing your record hoard with radical sounds, simultaneously!! Seize the day via NOT NOT FUN’s first ever Blackest Friday sale, wherein:


Therefore, buy 2 LPs, get 2 FREE; buy 3 get 3, etc. Offer also applies to CDs and 100% SILK titles – but not to cassettes. Two catches: 1) the FREE item(s) must be the same or a lesser value than the one(s) you’re buying, and 2) non-US customers must pay full postage costs [email notnotfunrecords@gmail.com to arrange].

NOTE: Offer only valid Friday November 29th, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM. But: all order requests PLACED on Friday will be honored. Stock up on gifts for finicky friends, hip loved ones, open-minded co-workers, estranged roommates, yourself, etc!!

Happy Thanx-giving!! Make the last sliver of 2013 count!

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Road To Rhoda

October 30, 2013

After much anticipation, SF exoticist Group Rhoda’s sophomore statement is out on the streets and available for purchase. 2014 should be rich with tours and travels so learn the songs now so you can hum along later. Stream the record too for a limited time:

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Maria Heads West

October 8, 2013

minerva west flyer
Estonian cultural emissary Maria Minerva is finally venturing west after a year of globe-trotting, comedic understudy, and American assimilation. All dates are with SF hardware house lifer Cherushii (forthcoming EP on 100% Silk). Stop by a date and get physical.

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Sapphire Flows

September 25, 2013


Tokyo nightingale Sapphire Slows is embarking on an expansive North American tour this fall, with dates in Canada, Mexico, California, and New York (during CMJ week), in advance of her debut CD/LP “Allegoria.” Stop in and support if her route wings through your neighborhood:

10/11 – Toronto @ Double Double Land w/ HVYWTR + The Deeep (reunion show!)
10/12 – Montreal @ Inspecteur Epingle (DJ Set) w/ EZLV
10/13 – Montreal @ The Fall w/ Marie Davidson
10/16 – New York @ 285 Kent w/ White Poppy
10/17 – New York @ Glasslands (Gorilla vs Bear & Yours Truly showcase)
10/19 – Baltimore @ The Bookhouse (DJ Set) w/ Co La
10/20 – Baltimore @ TBC w/ Co La
10/23 – Middletown @ Wesleyan University
10/25 – Mexico City @ Cine Tonalá
10/26 – Mexico City @ Downtown Pool Party w/ Magic Touch **Daytime Party**
10/29 – Mexico City @ Café Zena
10/31 – San Francisco @ Academy of Science (6-10PM DJ Set) w/ Magic Touch, Matrixxman & Afterhours
11/1 – San Francisco @ Slate Bar w/ Magic Touch & Haceteria SF
11/2 – Los Angeles @ Human Resources w/ Jealousy, Pod Blotz, Robedoor
11/3 – Los Angeles @ KChung Radio (11PM) w/ Afterhours

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Smog Wave

September 16, 2013


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Worldwide Tape Day

September 7, 2013

Fascinatingly, Earth has decreed September 7th Cassette Store Day, so take a moment to appreciate the magnetic tape reel medium (if that’s something you’re inclined to care about) and go out to a local record shop and support!

Attention Los Angelenos: local hub Mount Analog has a number of CSA exclusives, including tapes by Silent Servant, Torn Hawk, and a hand-numbered edition-of-30 NNF EP by UK psych-wreckage duo Blackhoods. Cruise by and make some savvy purchases! Here’s an amuse-bouche of their moors-stalking dread sludge:

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Poppy Season

September 3, 2013

Crystal Dorval’s psychic-wash world as White Poppy reaches fruition with her brand new debut LP (limited CD digipak edition available shortly), out NOW.

Further: she’s setting off next week on a special West Coast tour, hitting up an array of coastal spots both small and large, dates are thus:

9.06 – Vancouver, BC @ Railway Club : Tour Kick Off
9.13 – Seattle, WA @ Cairo
9.14 – Portland, OR @ Pals w/Talkative
9.15 – Springfield, OR @ Twin River
9.16 – Arcata, CA @ Mex ‘N’ Wow w/Tabloid
9.17 – Sacramento, CA @ Lowbrau: Le Twist Tuesday
9.18 – Oakland, CA @ Stranded Records
9.19 – Oakland, CA @ Life Changing Ministries w/High Wolf
9.20 – San Diego, CA @ The Void
9.21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Boy Manor w/Filthy Huns, Robedoor
9.22 – San Luis Obispo, CA @ Crossroads
9.23 – Davis @ Third Space
9.25 – Eugene, OR @ The Wandering Goat
9.26 – Portland, OR @ Valentines

Live music can be a tonic for the soul – stay hydrated.

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August 18, 2013

Oberhausen, Germany’s foremost esoteric trunk-crunk enthusiast LX Sweat finally drops his vinyl debut of V.I.P. syrup rituals (limited CD version available shortly), in dragon-velvet midnight eyes sleeve art by renowned Angeleno culture-jacker Spencer Longo. In the shop, while supplies last.

Also available: Invisible Path’s “The Levitating Mirror.” Spectral/astral electronics buoyed by blasted ancient metronomes. Leave your body. Down to the last 15 copies already.

More shows and vinyl percolating to the present tense, as always.

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Back From The Bowl

July 22, 2013

Who knew? What’s gone isn’t gone for good – ghosts never die. A northern California warehouse perusal turned up a small constellation of historic Not Not Funderground out-of-print classics, back in the Shop while supplies last! On hand:

QUEM QUAERITIS/CHILD PORNOGRAPHY LP – 2 missing links in Southern California’s mutant house-party history, with 2 of the best sides either of them ever caught on tape. this thing’s nearly a decade old. new and unplayed. EDIT: GONE

HOTOTOGISU/HIVE MIND 7″ – one of the more blasted entries in the second Bored Fortress series, with rainbow spore-beast artwork by Mat Brinkman. only 330 made! EDIT: GONE

EXPLORERS “BERMUDA TELEPATHS” LP – one of Sam Mehran’s last (and awesomest) non-ArielPinky-pop recordings/statements. deep trips into the mindglobe, when life was pure. EDIT: GONE

TEETH MOUNTAIN “LIVE ON” LP – live shred by this hugely underrated, sorely missed tribal-cult force of nature. look around you, 2013′s too careerist a terrain for 8-person multi-gender collectives; this record’s a time capsule of a vanished America, still in the shrink-wrap. EDIT: GONE

TOPAZ RAGS “THE CROWN CENTER” 7″ – lurker deathbed recordings by this lost Eagle Rock creep-trio. silkscreened, on colored vinyl. EDIT: GONE

SEX WORKER “WAVING GOODBYE” LP – the final SW album before the Ital-ization of Daniel Martin-McCormick. the peak of the project. EDIT: GONE

DYLAN ETTINGER “NEW AGE OUTLAWS” LP – Dylan’s fried-and-hijacked blade-running opus, burning chrome and plugging in. sounds as weird today as it did in 2010. EDIT: GONE

ROBEDOOR “PACIFIC DRIFT” 7″ – a uniquely bleak and insular EP, capturing the band at a baroquely dungeon crossroads. out of print for 3 years. EDIT: GONE

ALSO, less ancient but back in stock nonetheless:

RANGERS “PAN AM STORIES” 2xLP – got a sparse stack of these back in, four fantastically faded sides of rare radio-psych transmissions. EDIT: GONE

PROFLIGATE “VIDEOTAPE” 12″ – fucking amazing. new album next year!

MOONPOOL & DEAD BAND “HUMAN FLY” 12″ – Detroit’s least understood band (and shit knows that’s saying something), with 3 slabs of mutoid asbestos-techno wreckage. EDIT: GONE

GOLDEN DONNA LP – bubbling cosmic synth with shades of interstellar yacht funk. throw this on the turntable and leave yr life behind.

AFTERHOURS “SLEEPWALKER” 12″ – conceptual field recordings of an insomniac’s night drives through skid row, on clear vinyl. debut full-length out this winter.

PICK EM UP in The SHOP. Copies are finite. If yr outside the U.S. or buying a bunch of shit drop a line first, we’ll sort out the best deal we can.

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Brian Pyle: Fever Logician

July 2, 2013

Arcata, California’s unofficial foreign correspondent Brian Pyle sets forth his latest permutation of sonic sinkholes and harrowing exorcist blues, Fever Logic. Available on decadent crimson vinyl in the NNF Shop, while supplies last. Future tours imminent.

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