Sapphire Slows – True Breath 12″


A fresh voice is hard to find in today’s seas of static but young Tokyo electro-Cocteau Sapphire Slows shines a singular touch across this debut gallery of delicate Casio modes. There’s a translucent, hushed vibe to her music, beats materializing out of stray radio waves, electric piano accents dissipating into the silent skyscraper skyline, weightless synth textures billowing above chiaroscuro city parks. A sinuous mood of metropolis insomnia, wandering and wondering and lingering too long. True Breath is her first stateside vinyl after a 7 inch on Big Love so soak her subtle night moves now while the breath is still warm. Black vinyl 12 inches in bilingual new-wave patterned shadow-portrait jackets.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2
Audio-Visual Sample 3