Sapphire Slows – True Breath 12″


A fresh voice is hard to find (especially in our Age Of Static). So it was with a layered joy that we found ourselves uniquely seduced by this young Tokyo gem-gleaner’s reflective gallery of delicate Casio nightlife masks, each of which feels stitched from thrifted fiber optic cables and swathed in the gauze of her haunted Cocteau drifter voice-smoke. There’s a wonderfully hushed vibe to Sapphire Slows’ most translucent tracks, beats materializing out of stray radio waves, electric piano accents dissipating into the silent skyscraper skyline, weightless synth textures billowing above shadowed city parks. The ideal soundtrack for metropolis insomnia, wandering and wondering and lingering too long. True Breath is her stateside debut EP after a 7 inch on Big Love, so soak in her subtle night moves now while the breath is still warm. Black vinyl 12 inches in bilingual new wave patterned shadow portrait jackets designed by A & B Brown. Edition of 500.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2
Audio-Visual Sample 3