Sapphire Slows – True Breath 12″


Young Tokyo electro-Cocteau Sapphire Slows weaves hushed, translucent moods across a gallery of delicate Casio nightlife designs on her stateside debut, True Breath. Beats materialize out of faint radio waves, synth textures hum like neon on an empty street, electric piano leads dissipate into silent skylines. This is music for metropolis melancholia, wandering and wondering and lingering too long. These five tracks come in the wake of a bewitching 7 inch on Big Love, and more is coming, so soak her subtle night moves now while the breath is still warm. Black vinyl 12 inches in bilingual new-wave patterned shadow-portrait jackets.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2
Audio-Visual Sample 3