Samantha Glass – Midnight Arrival CS


It’s been a full seasonal cycle since Samantha Glass last laid down his Madison anti-magic into NNF’s tape vaults (2011’s Celestial Night Queen) and, judging from the spectral sound of things, the time was uniquely spent. Holed up at his wax-dripping church organ/wolf tapestry shrine-studio, Ms. Glass (aka Beau Devereaux) dug deep into his candle-lit cross pollination of kraut-pop crop circle keys, art-hesher basement Sabbath bass, and golden dawn vocal mantras, emerging with an evocative EP of occultish hibernation mood-grooves – Midnight Arrival. Later this year will see the unveiling of Sam Glass’ debut vinyl long-player, Mysteries Of The Palomino Skyliner; consider this neophyte training for what is to come. Also, FYI: he’s about to embark on a US tour down to Texas for SXSW 2012 with fellow electronic Midwestern misfit Cuticle; def pay a visit if the roadshow lands in your periphery. Black, imprinted tapes in nocturnal-reflection portrait J-cards, designed by BB. Edition of 125.

Audio-Visual Sample