Rangers – Reconsider Lounge LP



Trans-american Joe Knight recently caravanned his duffel bag of woozy jukebox esoterica from the Bay to the plains of central Texas but, before and during so, crafted and released the double-volume Scrap collection for Midwestern free music imprint Bezoar Formations. Reconsider Lounge distills a portion of that material into a different sequence, intercut with unreleased curiosities, comprising an essentially new album in the instrumental fantasy radio canon Rangers reigns so uniquely at.

Song styles channel surf from track to track, spanning lonesome new wave garage (“Lauderdale Saints”), dreadlocked psych (“Clown Prince”), monorail zoo tour DVD themes (“ETV”), and tight-wired guitar heroics (“Safety Goggles”). The logic of Knight’s pack-rat collages culture-jam as much as flow, chasing sparks and connective tissues. Fissured fragments of rock mythology, obscurely realized, again and again. Reconsider. Lounge.

Black vinyl in buffalo relic jackets designed by Suzanne Pfutzenreuter. Mastered by Brian Pyle.