Rangers – Low Cut Fades CS



This west coaster coasted into our worldview semi-recently with a long, loopy tape of tape hissy guitar anthems (that should see the light of vinyl on Future Sound Recordings later this summer) and we were immediately on board the Rangers zamboni. Low Cut Fades is an even fresher work, loaded to the tip-top with bedroom fantasy riffing, home-tracked keyboard trips, and teenage pop haze. It’s got a lot of that post-Ariel Pink ghost radiowaves mood, and here he chooses to ditch the vocals (there’s a decent bit of singing on his earlier album) in favor of getting down and loose and lost, and the glove fits, man. Expect more from this Bay Area time-traveler. Pro-dubbed tapes with full-color labels in J-cards with art designed by Mr. Rangers himself. Edition of 100.