Profligate – Videotape 12″


The retirement of Noah Anthony’s Night Burger alias dovetails fluidly into his latest & greatest burned-mind industrial complex: Profligate. His new operational mode retains the aggressive bleakness and concrete atmospheres of previous projects but sculpted into more vigorous, streamlined shames. Videotape marks his 2nd vinyl release (after an excellent debut, Come Follow Me), and it expands his agenda with menacing clarity. “Videotape” is a pummeling ascent of drum machines, flatliner synth, and strobe-lit sequencing. The flip, “Conditioning Trench,” rides a dystopian bass line strafed with Roland claps and paranoid textures through grey voids into an exquisite vanishing point. On the fringes of negative techno, but refracted through a rawer, more basement worldview. A bracing statement by a long-flickering light in American underground music. Recorded in Philadelphia, PA throughout 2011. Black vinyl 12 inches in jackets with ghostly roses photography by Christine Jones, plus a photocopied insert.

Audio-Visual Sample