Mudboy – Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors



For most of us the doors of perception are triple-bolted shut and cast in bomb-proof iron. Only supernatural shapeshifters (or career criminals) can slip through and seize the wisdom within. But, there is a secret key: musick-as-magick. Providence, RI patch-cable conjuror Mudboy is such a key-cutter and his unlocking labors on this long-player stand at the summit of his already awesome discography. Alchemizing stylized soundtrack suites, organ wizardry, and elegantly meditative harmonium hallucinations, Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors slow-burns an urn’s worth of ritual powders and powers, filling the speakers with a sign language of smoke runes and ghost tones. Lie on the floor and be floored by Mudboy’s primordial plainsongs. Record comes housed in a dizzyingly intricate laser die-cut fold-over cover with a flame-silkscreened inner sleeve. Half on blood-red wax, half on black. Limited to 500.