Moon Pool & Dead Band – Human Fly 12″


Detroit duo Moon Pool & Dead Band hardwire gutter waveforms with all the slime lab atmospherics and sci-fi circuitry one might expect from a group comprised of veteran garage-punk drummer Dave Shettler and Wolf Eye Nate Young. Utilizing a swap meet’s worth of synths, sequencers, drum machines, and outmoded FX units, and adhering to a purist’s regimen of “all live + improvised, no overdubs,” MP & DB’s rogue wizard approach to basement beat music has birthed some refreshingly unclassifiable tunnel-rat techno (see their self-titled 12” on Agitated), but Human Fly feels like an unambiguous highlight. Motoring on a busted industrial-funk rhythm, “Human Fly” grinds and grooves through a maze of modular sparks, acid ooze, and fried smoke before stopping to reveal a Cramps sample (hence the title) sputtering under the noise; then, with a comic sense of timing, they re-bury it in a pumping pulse of duct-taped electronics. The B Side pieces, “Jagged Orbit” and “Cyber Rebels,” float and flow with a lighter touch, looped percussion, jazzy house leads, and synth shrapnel echoing across the stereo field like soft comets. Cut at Dubplates in Berlin. Artwork by 80’s fantasy paperback illustrator Mark Salwowski.