LX Sweat – City Of Sweat CD


German steamroom wrecking crew LX Sweat returns from a winter of festival dates and self-symbiosis to lay out an impressively realized full-length debut of voidist club fantasia, equal parts Screw bootlegs, slow-jack synth freestyle, and degraded phaser wash. City Of Sweat spirals through a judgement night of a weird codeined lust, luxury hallucinations, overdosed syrup rituals, and long blurry nights stumbling home through alleys in the rain. Like last year’s Sweat Sweat Sweat CS, his new album siphons certain R&B and Memphis swap-meet structures but stretches them so they sprawl and sag and slide in strange moments, giving the songs a mesmerizing melting quality, like hearing overheated vinyl dissolving into the needle. An entrancing numbed out suite of pleasure-faded electronics by a rare head. Mastered by Prairie Cat. Four-panel CD digipaks with artwork by L.A. conceptualist Spencer Longo.