Luca Lozano – Isolation Distorts CS



Berlin-based label impresario and shapeshifting selector Luca Lozano has sounded a lot of ways over his seven odd 12 inches (for his own Klasse Recordings, plus Optimo, Morris/Audio, etc), but Isolation Distorts spawns from the sensation of solitude warping reality, and the results may be his most skewed and striking to date. Wheezing sci-fi samples ebb into martian techno expanses; quiet organ melodies lilt under lunar acid; dead-end synth-pop burrows into creeped craters of dust. Lozano’s pacing emphasis patience, loops and melodies hung across long alien canyons, leaping from one tranced conspiracy passage to another. The collection pivots positive toward the end, planetary shadow receding to a jazzed breakbeat solar sunrise (“Lifting Forward”), which eventually turns bold moon acid boogie (“The Fox”). Overall, an oxygen-drunk six-pack of general utility space station house music by a man with a plan. Mastered by Josh “Alter Echo” Derry. Edition of 100.