Legendary Hearts – Aerial View CS



Legendary Hearts ooze an elusive chemistry. The collusion of Andrew Cowie’s disembodied synth sensibility and Kieran Hegarty’s fluorescent liquid guitar lines result in strange medicated states not easily grasped on first pass. Their previous (and only other) recording, 2012’s Music From The Elevator, plays a little like the softest soft-rock sieved through a porridge of melted pills: chemical, blank, alluring, indistinct. The duo’s latest psychoactive sculpture garden, Aerial View, takes inspiration from a similarly liminal, haunted zone of transience – vacant, nocturnal hubs of travel – but pushes the project into richer, more irradiated moods. “Vanishing Point” and “Acceleration” spill and slide through blurred, lofty passages of legendary soloing and glassy synth exploration, coming in and out of view like hazy Tantric waves of tonal emotion. The more condensed pieces – “Terminal A,” “Terminal B,” “Stopover (Snapshot)” – connect the dots between, half-choreographed mood swings of starved beats, wealthy fog, and sunset guitar heroics. Haunted dreams of carpeted horizons, illuminated nothingness, on the way from some place to nowhere. Lift off, look down, let go. Mastered by Lawrence English at 158; artwork and design by Suzanne Pfutzenreuter. Edition of 100.