Legendary Hearts – Aerial View CS



The collusion of Andrew Cowie’s disembodied synths and Kieran Hegarty’s fluorescent liquid guitar result in elusive, indistinct states of being. Their debut, 2012’s Music From The Elevator, smeared the softest soft-rock into alluring chemical vistas of swooning synth and glassy guitar, but their latest pushes the project into even richer, more irradiated moods. Aerial View takes inspiration from liminal, nocturnal hubs of travel, spilling and sliding through lofty passages of vaporous electronics and soft-focus soloing, oozing in and out of sync. Drum machines stutter and slip away, melodies spiral and sprawl, illuminated terminals refracted by infinity mirrors. Music of distance and transience, sleepless and solitary, on the way from some place to nowhere. Lift off, look down, let it go. Mastered by Lawrence English at 158. Artwork & design by Suzanne Pfutzenreuter.