LA Vampires With Maria Minerva – The Integration LP


The Integration LP meshes Maria Minerva’s alienated pop constructs with LA Vampires’ degraded pleasure dome for a luxe long-player of moodswing motion and freaky feminine mystique, spanning tape-degraded new wave, teutonic club dub, and Harajuku hallucination. The album began with hazed LA Vampires beats layered in Maria’s echo vocal melodies, then were further articulated by multi-instrumentalist Nick Crozier-Malkin’s synth leads and drum programming before being filtered through recordist extraordinaire Brian Foote’s masterboard for micro-edits and fine-tuning. The resultant collection is a composite of bleached day-glo rhythm, Shelley poetics, reverbed keys, extraterrestrial heartstrings, seasonal meditation, and smeared studio experiments – unreal and unresolved.

Recorded from 2010-2012 in Los Angeles and London. Mastered by Prairie Cat. Cover portrait painting by Katie Vonderheide; design and layout by Rohan Newman.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2