Jonas Reinhardt – Mask Of The Maker CD



Vintage synthesizer music has ballooned from a fringe interest into something approaching an outright renaissance across the past half-decade, but few wield as much mastery in the realm as Jonas Reinhardt. After several years experimenting with group arrangements, Jesse Reiner (JR’s mastermind/alter ego) has returned the project to its solitary roots, birthing the distant moon terrarium Music For The Tactile Dome, the Klaus Schulze-spawn, The Prime Revealer, plus 2012’s italo-kraut 12″, Foam Fangs. All of which, in retrospect, feel like precursors to the pumping, cosmos-slaloming electro-opus of Mask Of The Maker. Crafted bi-coastally (San Fran & Brooklyn) over the course of two years, and incorporating an eclectic web of multi-instrumentalist collaborators – including percussion genie Damon Palermo, Diego Gonzalez, Phil Manley (who also engineered some of the sessions), Tim Soete, Steve Moore, Clint Newsom, Michael Barron, and Meryl Press – the record’s nine compositions represent the highest heights of The Jonas Reinhardt Xperience, fusing deep kosmische moods with jet propulsion lab experiments, classic galactic italo, soaring starblood synth workouts, funky astral ragas, psychedelic dust clouds, and rare mantric guest vocals (a first). Mixed at Spacebar Studios by ex-DFA engineer Abe Seiferth and mastered by Simon Francis at Wired Masters, London, MOTM gleams and glows like nothing in the Jonas solar system so far. Wear the Mask. Maker cover portraiture and design by Shadrach Lindo. 4-panel CD digipaks.

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