Holy Strays – Enlightenment 7″


Was exactly a year ago that Sebastien Forrester’s debut EP of kraut-lounge instrumentals under the Holy Strays flag, Hyperion, first flew loud and lo-fi in the winds of the internet. Enlightenment is the French craftsman’s first time on vinyl and he seizes the opportunity to explore drastically different terrain, so: props for change, always. The A side title track is a deftly minimal slow-burn new-wave exotica vibraphone vibe-out, rolling on sparse waves of skittery digital hand percussion and crystal reverb guitar raindrops. Some vocals drop in halfway through to intone something deep and unknown and then the song takes flight, spiraling into a halo of echo chamber drum processing and feathery keyboard lines. The flip (“Phrenesia”) actually sounds more like the single of the two, revving a soft house pulse into a pastel skyline laced with tremolo clouds, blissed voice samples, and even a weird phaser-guitar “solo.” Hazy and exquisite, and a perfect teaser for the in-progress HS full-length we keep hearing rumors about. Vinyl 7 inches (350 on white, 100 on black) in pro-printed glue-pocket sleeves with iridescent minerals art/design by Monsieur Strays himself. Edition of 450.

Audio-Visual Sample