Heavy Winged + Inca Ore – Ring Mining LP



Been waiting years for this meeting-of-melted-minds to coalesce in physical form, and here’s the backstory: Rewind to 2006, when Heavy Winged is an active, Brooklyn-based psych-rock band who’ve yet to dissolve into bi-coastal logistical tangle; meanwhile, Eva/Inca Ore is on tour (for The Birds In The Bushes LP on 5RC) in the Northeast; simultaneously, Eternal Tapestry shredder Nick Bindeman happens to be in town. Heavy Winged invite Nick and Eva to co-jam with them at a gig at Northsix for the hell of it. They do. The set is a charged, psychotropic cyclone of ragged electricity and possessed pixie shriek, stomping up and down over several damaged mountains of riff-wreckage. Miraculously, someone thinks to record the performance. Jed Bindeman mails us a copy. Fast forward to Fall 2008: Heavy Winged record a new 20-minute epic (“Into The Fog”), send it to Eva, and she adds hypno-bliss keyboard mirages over the top. Ergo, Ring Mining. Black vinyl LPs mastered by James Plotkin and housed in jackets with collaged mountains artwork by Eva Saelens, plus a photocopied insert.