Ensemble Economique – Live In London CS


Brian Pyle’s work as Ensemble Economique has been undergoing a heavy shift lately, trekking two lone wolf UK/Euro tours in the past six months and recently dropping a potent LP of ceremonial dread on Dekorder. In anticipation of a forthcoming NNF full-length we present Live In London, a 37-minute performance at The Vortex in August, comprised of all new material. Drum machine rhythms stutter in primordial patterns, cloaked in disquieting drones and tape samples (police sirens, jungle birds, Sinead O’Connor vocal raptures), accompanied by pained crooning, ragged squalls of guitar, and minor-key synth.

More song-based than his voodoo hallucination breakthrough, 2010’s Psychical, but no less unsettling, the new Economique approach has shades of Eyeless In Gaza’s eerie fatalist drift but the overall thrust skews towards some psych/goth rhythmic hybrid as yet undefined. A captivating document of an artist at a crossroads. White tapes with blank imprinting in jazz abstraction J-cards designed by Amanda Brown.

Audio-Visual Sample