Eleventeen Eston – Delta Horizon CS [2021 Edition]


Perth multi-instrumentalist John William Tanner’s suntanned soft rock miniatures as Eleventeen Eston exude a mood of beige shades and faded footage: cerulean coves at golden hour, windsurfers gliding like skybirds on the horizon. It’s the sound of sky-lounge smooth jazz, the sunset glittering on water while an instructional hang gliding video plays above the bar. Leisure and pleasure, loose and lost, grainy coastal cruises traced in piano, guitar, cocaine bass, and keys, full of licks and hooks. A revisitation of futures past, enshrined on bleached tape for dusty dashboards.

Despite the haze of airbrushed fantasy Tanner cites a muse truer and more beatific than breezy vacation rock: “The optimism and sincerity that exists (or did exist) in popular music, beyond any notion of nostalgia.” At this, Delta Horizon delivers, in ways warped, wondrous, unknown, and unforgettable. Smoke-tint cassettes with white imprinting in 4-panel full-color j-cards.

Mastered by Brian Pyle. Artwork & design by John William Tanner.


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