Delicate Features – The Passenger CS



“…our music goes to ambient, and sometimes atmosphere, of disturbance and worry, sometimes meditation. But it doesn’t lie.” So sayeth singer/soothsayer of Saint-Petersburg haunted romance duo Delicate Features, Radmila Nikogosian. Her and bandmate/beau Pavel Diakov-Astvatsaturian have been collaborating for roughly two years, scotch-taping microphones to percussive objects and folk flutes amidst glowing grey swells of depressive sensuality. The Passenger blurs morose synth-jazz with windswept new age pop into a love-blind stalk along an ice-scarred river – an experience befitting “two misanthropic dreamers who just like to listen to beautiful music.” The original intention apparently skewed in a more dancewardly direction but their downcast northern locale gravitated the mood into displaced nocturnal rhythms, often ditching drums entirely, like on the keening, cracked classical drift of “Orphan Song” or “Whispering Wind.” The sequencing spills out a story of devotion and dissolve: poetic faith (“Birds Near River”), Sunday morning (“Opal”), body rapture (“Kiss By The Sea”), escape/evolution (“Transparent Shadows”), etc. 10 twilit and tactile songs for staring through stained glass to. Mastered by Alex Nagle. Artwork by Britt Brown. Edition of 100.